Something Like A Sabbatical


SOMETHING LIKE A SABBATICAL has been completed! I will be posting screening updates on my Facebook page.  “Like” the page to be sure to know when a screening is happening in your town or city.  Read a post I wrote about making the film here.

Long ago, Sue Mitchell wanted to be an artist.
But she decided she didn’t have enough talent.
Instead she became a successful businesswoman.

35 years went by.

She took art classes in whatever spare time she had.

Then the economy slumped.
Business was slow.
There was no sign of recovery.

But, for once, there was time.

As her 60th birthday approached, Sue made a bold decision.
She would take a 52-week sabbatical.
She would devote her days to art.

What she didn’t know was what 52 trees were about to teach her…

Bill and I see Sue Mitchell's exhibit "52" at Riverside Art Museum, November 2013.
Bill and I see Sue Mitchell’s exhibit “52” at Riverside Art Museum, November 2013.
William McDonald & Pamela Beere Briggs
Nine months later: Last day of filming with Sue Mitchell for “Something Like a Sabbatical,” about Sue Mitchell’s 52-week life-changing adventure with 52 trees.