Hidden Inside Some of Our Quirks: Our Talents

Some quirks are undeniably annoying. But so many more are not. Natalie, Bill and I made a list of some of our quirks. We discovered that some of our quirks are actually talents, lovable traits, or allow us (and our companions) to laugh with pleasure. What are some of your quirks?

Remember: hidden inside some of our quirks are special talents!

Here’s our list:

Pamela’s Quirks: I enjoy vacuuming. I think while I vacuum. It provides a quick sense of accomplishment when most of what I do (writing) takes a long time. It cures writers block.

I stare out windows for a long time. Sometimes I will look out a window during a conversation because I am thinking about what I am saying, and my companion will follow my gaze to see what has drawn my attention and I can see their confusion, because nothing is happening out the window. I am quite sure some people find this quirk quite odd.

I can’t keep track of a pair of glasses for over an hour to save my life, even though I have twelve pair. Sometimes they end up in the most curious places and I have to recruit helpers to find them and when they find them atop a row of books on the bottom shelf of a bookcase or on a windowsill behind a curtain, we laugh and laugh and say it’s a good thing I find the silliest places to place my glasses.

I can’t drive on freeways. The speed of the cars overwhelms me. But Natalie says driving with me allows us to explore the scenic routes.

I can catch flies like a cat. The cinematographer-in-residence has come to the conclusion that I see a bit faster than most humans. He tells me that most humans see at about 12-13 frames per second; predators like lions see at 50 frames per second; flies at 300 frames per second. He has not told me if I remind him of a lion or a fly.

Natalie’s Quirks: I can’t be out in the heat. I carry a fan. I scope out shady routes to my destination. My walking companions end up appreciating my shady routes.

I make tiny lists for everything.

I can pick up things with my toes, which my mom says is a talent I should never lose.

I can vibrate my eyes. I know this is strange.

I prefer to wear airy shoes. I think this is genetic, as my mom does too.

I need to sleep in dark, quiet, cool rooms. Hint: Mack’s Ear Plugs are comfortable and effective.

Bill’s Quirks: I keep lists for everything. Does that sound familiar?

If I don’t walk 10,000 steps a day, I feel uneasy.

I like to pack things in suitcases, car trunks, dishwashers, and boxes so that they fit perfectly. This quirk has come in handy as a cameraperson.

I love putting together the border on a jigsaw puzzle.

I don’t like wearing short-sleeved shirts. I prefer to roll up my sleeves. Some people find this baffling. They think my work shirts are dress shirts, even when I show them the frayed corners of my collars.


  • Carolyn Goodart

    I too avoid freeways. It has become more than a quirk and is more of a phobia. I probably have more quirks but am not aware of them. Yet I notice other people’s quirks all the time! Hmmmm

    • TwointheMiddle

      I have met quite a few people, who do all sorts of bold and brave things, who avoid freeways. If the speed limit were lower — say 40 mph — I could probably drive on freeways.

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