Socks Are Just as Important as Shoes


Photo by Jim GoldenI was fascinated by a recent photo series in Audubon Magazine. It displayed the contents of four nature photographers’ packed bags. I love seeing what people pack for trips. It’s a bit like seeing inside people’s houses on my nighttime walks. Just like you can tell a lot about people’s lives from pictures on walls and televisions on or off, you learn a lot by looking inside people’s suitcases. To give you an idea, here’s a photo of one of the photographer’s bags. Here’s the link to the article:

After studying the contents of each of the four bags, I made a curious observation. They each wear socks made by the same company: Farm to Feet. I thought to myself: these must be darned good socks for all four photographers who spend numerous hours on their feet. I decided to check out Farm to Feet’s website.

I learned that their socks are all 100% American made, meaning that they are made of U.S. Wool, Nylon and Spandex. They are manufactured in the U.S. Even their packing materials and inks are produced in the U.S.

I decided to order a pair and try them out for myself. I ordered the Adel Paisley ¼ Crew Hiker Sock (the ones you see below). After four weeks of wearing my Adels, this is what I’ve decided: No wonder all four photographers wear Farm to Feet socks! They are so comfortable, hence the title of my post: Socks are just as important as shoes when it comes to comfort. Furthermore, these socks do not need to be washed frequently. I wear mine for five days (airing them out at night) and they do not smell or feel worn. I learned that merino wool makes the socks naturally odor-resistant. I think I could wear them for two weeks straight without washing if absolutely necessary! Think of how nice that is when backpacking (or in my case, packing everything I need for a two-week trip in a carry-on bag). I’m placing an order for two more pairs of Adels!


You can visit Farm to Feet’s website – to learn more about this interesting and admirable company. Here are a few highlights:

Wool is a resilient fiber that wicks moisture from your skin so you can stay dry and comfortable.  A natural temperature regulator, wool helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  With its long, silky fibers, merino wool feels soft against your skin, providing itch-free comfort. All Farm to Feet™ socks are made using U.S. grown merino wool sourced from American Sheep Industry ranchers like Roberts Ranch, one of Farm To Feet’s™ featured U.S. ranchers. The American Sheep Industry is a federation of 45 state sheep associations representing over 82,000 sheep producers throughout the U.S.  With a rich history dating back to 1865, ASI’s largest division is the American Wool Council, which promotes the use of American wool both domestically and internationally.  As a producer of the 100% American socks, Farm To Feet™ proudly sources all of our merino wool from these producers. Farm To Feet™ socks are produced, processed, and knitted by U.S. workers in U.S. companies:

Chargeurs wool top making facility in Jamestown, SC, which is the leading U.S. based wool processing facility. The facility has been in operation since the late 1950’s and is the leading employer in the area. They process and shrink treat all of Farm To Feet’s™ American-grown wool.

Burlington’s Raeford Spinning Plant in Raeford, NC spins and dyes the yarn after Chargeurs processes the wool.

Nester Hosiery in Mount Airy, NC produces all Farm To Feet™ socks.


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