A Treasure Hunt

I went on a delightful Easter treasure hunt this morning. A string of clues on green index cards led me from the house, to the schoolhouse, to the garden, each clue leading me to another one, until finally…I arrived at the ultimate surprise!

hint 1

scottsman's plane

Underneath my dad’s birthday card hand-drawn by Andy McEwan (a Scotsman’s airplane), I found another clue, which read:

I am with the original Mr. Pickwick…     dickens






Between the pages of Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers, I found another hint:

I am a maker of images for children — you will learn all about me here…

🙂 in Applewood Schoolhouse, the poster I made in art class about illustration! Behind the bottom right corner, I found another green index card. The clue:

illustrator poster

You will find me among the balls & skeins & needles…  Back inside to the living room and the pecan wood bowl where I keep my knitting. Underneath the circle scarf I’m working on…

knitting bowl

I am with a machine that writes words — connects to other places — a young girl uses me every day…

computerUnderneath my computer, I find another green card. It reads:

With me you can see such small things — tiny worlds made BIG!

Back out to Applewood Schoolhouse! Behind the microscope:

I am among the complete works of this Polish pianist 🙂

To my favorite composer…  chopin




A green card found inside Chopin’s CD collection: I pour water on your head in the sunshine & the breeze… A green card is next to the shampoo, on the little shelf next to the outdoor shower. It reads:

My heart burns with fire only there is no fire — only the occasional candles.


Found a folded green card behind the heart! Do you see Sue Mitchell’s Tree #44 above the mantle? The folded card read:

I am where this all began! Enjoy! Happy Easter!

Inside the little bag was a bracelet made by one of our favorite farmers market jewelry designers. My mom said that there are 19 tiny pearls to remind me of my April 19th piano recital, and I added — delightedly — that I had played Chopin’s 19th Etude! My mom and dad hadn’t thought of that 🙂





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