Dear Teachers,

Note from Pamela:

I recently found these messages Natalie wrote to her teachers at the end of sixth grade, when she was leaving the elementary school where she had been a student since kindergarten.  She composed the notes in her computer and then she selected cards to handwrite her message to each teacher.  I’m so glad we can go back and read them, as each note conjures up a memory of a specific and lovely learning moment.  They also remind me that kindness, reassurance and confidence-building are just as important as science, math, and reading.  Do you have a memory of a special teacher and the special something you learned from her or him?

playground swings

Dear Ms. Cohn, (4th-5th grade)

I always remember this one thing you taught us about currents.  When a current would hit into a cliff or the shore and then it would go out back into the ocean to the right and the left and become two currents.  I found it so interesting and I will always remember you teaching me that.  Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.  Love, Natalie

Dear Ms. Staake, (3rd grade)

I will always remember you reading to us after lunch.  I loved being able to sit down on the rug and hear you read a book by Patricia Polacco or Roald Dahl.  You read them so well, I would feel like I was being transported to another world.  Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.  Love, Natalie

Dear Ms. Cameron, (assistant teacher & playground)

My mommy and I knitted two matching scarves, one for you and one for Ms. K.  It’s small enough to keep in your jacket pocket, so that if it gets chilly, you can pull it out of your pocket and wrap it around your neck and stay warm.  Thank you for sitting with me in carpool when I was in 2nd grade and I was nervous to be in carpool.  I loved talking with you at lunchtime this year.  Love, Natalie

Dear Coach Gay, (K-6)

I will always remember you saying, “Show them your Natalie power!”  This will come in handy when I have to be bold out in the world.  Thank you for being such a good coach. You made P.E. really fun! Love, Natalie

Dear Ms. Kantor, (Librarian)

I can’t imagine school without you!  The library is one of my favorite places because it is full of wonderful books, many of which I wouldn’t have discovered without you to recommend them.  Thank you for being such a wonderful librarian and always taking time to describe or show me a book.  Love, Natalie

Dear Mr. G, (4th-5th grade)

You made math so much fun!  I didn’t love math until I was in Rooms 5 & 6.  I really liked how we wouldn’t just “do” math, we would “discover” math.  I loved when we made our ancient Egypt puzzles, figured out how to make pyramids, and did silhouettes.  Thank you for being such a good math teacher. Love, Natalie

Dear Ms. Heed, (4th-5th grade)

4th and 5th grade would not have been the same without you.  These are the things that I’m never going to forget:  patience juice, Ms. Pennyclucker stamps, singing the states and capitals song, sharing your shawl with you at SeaWorld when I was freezing, sleeping in the bunk next to yours at SeaWorld, and making baskets.  I loved learning about immigration:  making the poster and learning the song by Emma Lazarus about the Statue of Liberty.  I also loved using the scrapbooks.  It was such a fun way to show what we had learned and now I can go through it and remember the fun things I learned.  Thank you for being such a wonderful, kind teacher.  Love, Natalie

Dear Ms. Levy, (K-1st grade)

There is too much to say in a little note.  You are the most wonderful teacher ever.  When I think of Room 13, I have such lovely memories.  You made learning really fun.  Starting school would not have been the same without you as my teacher.  Thank you for being the warm and kind person you are.  Love, Natalie



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