Knit On!

I’ve been knitting for 8 years, more than half my life, but have only recently discovered that I enjoy teaching people how to knit. After having made multiple scarves, a hat and a sweater, this year I became president of my high school’s knitting club. So far, twenty students have joined and the two meetings we’ve had have been fun and productive.  Suddenly students are walking down halls with balls of yarn and knitting needles in hand. In a few weeks, we’ll have our first knit-in when we will knit scarves to donate to a local homeless shelter.

Lots of people have developed a fondness for knitting, including Russell Crowe, Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn, & both Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt.  In fact, last May the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Home in Hyde Park, New York hosted a knit-in for knitters to make afghans for troops, VA hospitals, women’s shelters and others in need.

Here’s a humorous and true observation about knitters:

“Despite what we knitters know to be true, the non-knitting world somehow persists in thinking that a “knitter” looks a certain way. Most likely, this picture is one of an elderly woman, grandmotherly and polite, sitting in her rocking chair surrounded by homemade cookies and accompanied by a certain number of cats. In reality, a knitter today is just as likely to be young, hip, and male…  Several of today’s best knitting designers are men, and a knitter is as likely to have body piercings as homemade cookies. Despite our diversity, the tendency to be accompanied by a cat is an oddity among knitters that cannot be explained.” –Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much



  • Andy McEwan

    This made me think – perhaps if I learnt to knit from your video, Natalie, I could then buy some steel wool and knit a motorcycle!

    • TwointheMiddle

      Andy, If anyone could figure out how to knit a motorcycle out of steel wool it would be you! Please knit each of us one 🙂

  • Sarvi

    I actually learned to knit cables from my father (a metallurgist in his 50s, whose other passion is needlepoint) who learned from his father, who used to knit in public parks in Paris because he thought it was a good conversation-starter that might lead to romantic attachments. Despite that somewhat dubious motivation, I find the image of my bearded Iranian grandfather zipping around Paris with a motorcycle and some knitting oddly charming.

    • TwointheMiddle

      Sarvi, Your comment gave me the biggest smile and the warmest feeling and I absolutely adore the image of your grandfather zipping around Paris on his motorcycle, with his knitting. Thank you!

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