Lego Land in the Attic

My friend Maddie and I have been playing with Legos together for three years, ever since we first constructed a miniature Harry Potter world in our attic, which is like an indoor treehouse.  With the additions of the Burrow, Diagon Alley, and Platform 9 ¾, it has quickly expanded across the braided rug into a disorganized but wonderful labyrinth.  Yesterday, we decided to organize and re-build our Hogwarts Express train track, and challenged ourselves with the goal of engineering a bridge that was high enough to allow the train to pass underneath and strong enough to support its weight.  We succeeded!

Imagine my delight when Sophie’s World, my assigned summer reading book by Jostein Gaarder, included an extensive metaphor comparing Legos to Democritus’ atomic theory, and proceeded to conclude that Lego is the most ingenious toy in the world.

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