Writing as a Way to Cope with the World

I believe this is a painting titled “Quiet Hours” by Vittorio Matteo Corcos, 1885

Each time I see this painting, I remember writing an entire short essay sitting on our patio, while Natalie napped in her stroller next to me. I had observed behavior in a bathroom line at a movie theater that […]

My Tapestry of Words

“Use your words.”

Thoughts struggle for translation, hover just out of reach, waiting, waiting for realization—a musical note balanced on the horizon, ready to take flight.

The gentle nudge, a summer’s breeze.

“Use your words.”

Growing and shifting, they may have stumbled, leaves tumbling from trees, but the words came. They always did, each […]

Sherlock Holmes Meets the Amazing Mary Russell

I met mystery author Laurie R. King during the production of Mysterious California, my parents’ 2008 documentary.

Laurie and Natalie on set of “Mysterious California”

Now, five years later, I have discovered Ms. King’s wonderful Mary Russell series.

The Beekeeper’s Apprentice begins the series with 15-year-old Mary Russell meeting the retired Sherlock Holmes […]