Stressful Schools = Toxic Apples


Madeline Levine’s book Teach Your Children Well (see Judith Warner’s review, NY Times 7/29/12) includes a startlingly true statement that serves as a call to action. She says, “When apples were sprayed with a chemical at my local supermarket, middle-aged moms turned out, picket signs and all, to protest the possible risks to […]

A Parent Asks About High School After Home School

A mom recently sent me an email to say that she is thinking about home schooling her son for a year or two to allow for opportunities that aren’t possible because of the cultural pressure to “keep moving fast and forward without much time to reflect and be centered.” She also asked some excellent […]

Trying Too Hard To Be Lovable? Stop.

“Health isn’t just about the absence of illness or pain, it’s also physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual fitness—in short, it’s about the joy of being alive.” — Richard Louv

Richard Louv is the author of wonderful books including “The Nature Principle” and my personal favorite “Last Child in the Woods,” which helped us […]