Kilt + Kimono = A Love Story

On my birthday, I finally opened the package that had landed on our doorstep a week earlier. It had travelled many miles across sea and land. Wrapped so meticulously in its brown paper, I hadn’t wanted to open it right away! I placed it on a table where I could see it each time I […]

Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow, Scotland

Walking for four days in Glasgow, Scotland, we explored city squares, art galleries, a majestic 600-year-old university, a grand old estate with a huge library and the largest basement servants’ wing we have ever seen. We got around on foot, via taxi, and a user-friendly underground system affectionately called “The Clockwork Orange.” On one […]

Mysterious Gifts

I’ve been thinking about “gifts” lately, and the different kinds of gifts we can give one another. There are of course the tangible gifts we give each other on birthdays and other holidays. It can be fun to select a present for someone special in our lives. But, I’ve also been thinking about intangible gifts […]