A Film Professor Answers an 8th Grader's Questions

UCLA Professor Bill McDonald teaching a cinematography class

Occasionally a student will write a letter or email to my husband Bill McDonald, who is a professor in UCLA’s Department of Film, Television and Digital Media, and say that they are interested in filmmaking and have some questions. Bill’s plate is always overflowing but […]

Something Like a Sabbatical (the film enters the world)

This weekend we will screen our newly completed documentary film SOMETHING LIKE A SABBATICAL to an audience for the first time. We’re so excited!

The documentary film is the wise, funny, and inspiring story of Sue Mitchell’s 52-week sabbatical, when she decides it’s time to find out if she can be the artist she’s wanted […]

How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit?

The back story for “The Truth About Crickets”

In the mid 1960’s, the translator/legal advisor for Mr. Matsushita (of Matsushita Electric Company, aka National or Panasonic) asked my father if he would be receptive to our family appearing in the international print ads for Matsushita. My father agreed. Thereafter, Matsushita photographers appeared on our […]

A Refuge in the Middle of Los Angeles

Griffith Park lies in the East Santa Monica Mountains, a 4,200-acre area about five miles from Downtown Los Angeles and fifteen from the Pacific Ocean. The park is not landscaped; rather, Griffith Park preserves the chaparral terrain native to California and provides a refuge from the city. The park is home to Griffith Observatory – […]

A Family's Favorite Books in 2012

We went to a sing-a-long two weeks ago at Disney Hall and Julie Andrews was a special guest. Of course, she sang (and we sang-along) “My Favorite Things.” Afterward, I got to thinking if there was one book I had read in 2012 that I could call “my favorite book.” I asked Natalie and William […]