Older = Wiser?

University of Glasgow’s “Blackstone Chair” — From 1451 until the mid 19th century, students took oral exams seated on the Black Stone, a slab of stone. The stone was embedded in an oak chair in 1775-6. Once the sand flowed through (20 minutes), time was up! The chair is still used for the […]

Skipping Middle School Taught Us...

It’s been six years since our family made the bold decision to “skip middle school” and home school Natalie during her 7th and 8th grade years. At the time, some people questioned our judgement. One mother asked, “What about high school? If you do this, won’t Natalie have a hard time getting into a good […]

Are You Doing Too Much Homework?

“Race to Nowhere” is a powerful documentary that has brought to light the negative and frightening consequences of high-pressure schools, where numerous hours of homework, stringent (and not necessarily illuminating) AP courses, and high GPAs are the ultimate goal. The film continues to be screened around the country stirring up conversation and […]

Laugh About Math

This is a picture of me in sixth grade. I’d been sitting at the kitchen table puzzling over the pre-algebra problems in my textbook, which was very good at asking ridiculous (but supposedly relevant) questions, but wasn’t ever able to answer my question “WHY?”

WHY is a negative times a negative a positive?

WHY […]

Deciphering Graphs

In fourth grade, Natalie sat down with her big box of color pencils and noticed that she used some pencils more often than others. She lined them up–shortest to longest–and then created this graph to show usage.

During seventh grade, Natalie and I began taking a careful look at graphs in the New York […]

Find Your Own Story

There are times in one’s life when the story we’ve been living simply doesn’t feel like it fits anymore. It might even make us feel unwell or unhappy. It can be scary to step out of the old story and find a new story, but it’s worth it if you know that a healthier and […]