From London, Gallery of Miniatures at the V&A

The dimly lit miniaturist’s gallery in the Victoria & Albert Museum enthralls us with its tiny likenesses, painted by artists called “miniaturists.” When viewed with a magnifying glass, these miraculously detailed masterpieces achieve a breathtaking three-dimensional quality. Viewing people from the past in such an intimate way magically transports the viewer into the past, when […]

From London, Renoir's "The Umbrellas"

This is Post #1 from London and Paris.

Heathrow Express: 3 am Los Angeles time

We land at 11:15 am at Heathrow Airport and, after going through Customs, catch the Heathrow Express train to Paddington Station, a short walk from our hotel. A huge pot of English Breakfast tea is sent up to […]

Pedaling in the World

I love my bicycle. I love that I can ride it to the grocery store, library and yoga studio. I love that I can work up a sweat in 15 minutes on hilly streets in our neighborhood. But mostly, I have fun when I’m riding my bike. I especially love coasting down the hill back […]