Laugh About Math

This is a picture of me in sixth grade. I’d been sitting at the kitchen table puzzling over the pre-algebra problems in my textbook, which was very good at asking ridiculous (but supposedly relevant) questions, but wasn’t ever able to answer my question “WHY?”

WHY is a negative times a negative a positive?

WHY […]

Stressful Schools = Toxic Apples


Madeline Levine’s book Teach Your Children Well (see Judith Warner’s review, NY Times 7/29/12) includes a startlingly true statement that serves as a call to action. She says, “When apples were sprayed with a chemical at my local supermarket, middle-aged moms turned out, picket signs and all, to protest the possible risks to […]

Pamela's Interview at


uncertainty innovative home schooler. lifelong learner. possibility seeker. Pamela Beere Briggs is a filmmaker, writer, and the mother of a happy teen. Her passions include good food, engaging books, and re-thinking the wisdom of middle school.

When we’re learning, we’re so much more open. There’s a freedom, a feeling of being able to […]

Little Flights Lead to Big Flights

Last year at exactly this time, we had two fledgling mourning doves living in our garden. This year, we had one. He or she became so comfortable with us that we could walk right past and call out, “Hi, Junior,” and it would acknowledge our presence without hopping away.

We could tell it was […]