Pumpkin Muffins for Birthday Treat or Anytime

I’ve been substituting olive oil for other types of oil (and even butter) in my baking and may I just say that it is an earth-shatteringly delicious discovery. Thus far, I’ve tried the olive oil substitution in chocolate cake, blueberry muffins, banana bread, and these pumpkin muffins I made for my brother’s birthday. A […]

Mysterious Gifts

I’ve been thinking about “gifts” lately, and the different kinds of gifts we can give one another. There are of course the tangible gifts we give each other on birthdays and other holidays. It can be fun to select a present for someone special in our lives. But, I’ve also been thinking about intangible gifts […]

A Parent Asks About High School After Home School

A mom recently sent me an email to say that she is thinking about home schooling her son for a year or two to allow for opportunities that aren’t possible because of the cultural pressure to “keep moving fast and forward without much time to reflect and be centered.” She also asked some excellent […]