Stressful Schools = Toxic Apples


Madeline Levine’s book Teach Your Children Well (see Judith Warner’s review, NY Times 7/29/12) includes a startlingly true statement that serves as a call to action. She says, “When apples were sprayed with a chemical at my local supermarket, middle-aged moms turned out, picket signs and all, to protest the possible risks to […]

Joining an Education Resistance

The books I gobbled up when I was a teenager frequently took place during World War II and included characters who were part of the Resistance, groups of individuals who acted at great personal risk to oppose conquering enemies. I remember hoping I’d have their courage in similar circumstances. I feel very lucky I […]

The Dangers of Deadly Dull Classrooms

Should I climb these dull stairs or a fun tree?

A concerned friend of a second grade child sent me an email the child’s teacher recently sent the parents. The friend wanted to get my impressions. Here was my immediate reaction to the email (which you will have a chance to read not […]

Great Ideas from Finnish Schools

I enjoy learning how “school” is approached around the world and found this interesting article Schools We Can Envy, about Finnish Schools, in the New York Review of Books. Here’s the link to the article:

Here are a few sections I marked as especially interesting:

To an American observer, the most remarkable fact about […]

Deciphering Graphs

In fourth grade, Natalie sat down with her big box of color pencils and noticed that she used some pencils more often than others. She lined them up–shortest to longest–and then created this graph to show usage.

During seventh grade, Natalie and I began taking a careful look at graphs in the New York […]