Intimate Strangers


It’s strange to confess that I’ve just had a relationship, a rather intimate one, with a person I don’t know. I’ve spent each night for the past week with this person, in bed, in the thirty minutes or so before I turn off the light. This is how we met.

Bill, Natalie and […]

The Power and Pleasure of Introverts

If solitude is an important key to creativity,

then we might all want to develop a taste for it.

We’d want to teach our kids to work independently.

We’d want to give employees plenty of privacy and autonomy.

Yet increasingly we […]

Reading in Bathrooms & Standardized Testing

Every once in a while, an essay by Claire Needell Hollander appears in The New York Times. I make sure to read it. She is smart & witty & wise. And, her writing, which both entertains and enlightens, always inspires me to write down my own thoughts in response to whatever it is she is […]

More Than Just a Book to Read

Natalie and I both read Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird this summer after going to a screening of a restored film print at the Billy Wilder Theater at the UCLA Hammer Museum.

While we were reading the novel, we happened upon a wonderful exhibit at Loyola Marymount University’s Hannon Library titled the “Saraval Collection: […]