Balancing Activity & Rest

The holiday weeks have come to a close and although, in our house, we wouldn’t mind having one more week to putter, read, knit, sew, cook, and sleep in, we were in good spirits this first Monday of 2015. We think we are finally getting the hang of this! We’ve learned that we can […]

Are You Doing Too Much Homework?

“Race to Nowhere” is a powerful documentary that has brought to light the negative and frightening consequences of high-pressure schools, where numerous hours of homework, stringent (and not necessarily illuminating) AP courses, and high GPAs are the ultimate goal. The film continues to be screened around the country stirring up conversation and […]

Pamela's Interview at


uncertainty innovative home schooler. lifelong learner. possibility seeker. Pamela Beere Briggs is a filmmaker, writer, and the mother of a happy teen. Her passions include good food, engaging books, and re-thinking the wisdom of middle school.

When we’re learning, we’re so much more open. There’s a freedom, a feeling of being able to […]

A Parent Asks About High School After Home School

A mom recently sent me an email to say that she is thinking about home schooling her son for a year or two to allow for opportunities that aren’t possible because of the cultural pressure to “keep moving fast and forward without much time to reflect and be centered.” She also asked some excellent […]