A Painting Conjures Up a Memory

One of the reasons I love paintings is that they can trigger memories, sometimes even more effectively than photographs. Perhaps it is because the artist can bring to the composition his or her feeling about the scene being painted. Furthermore, light can communicate as much as composition. When I saw this painting by the […]

Seeing Something that Hasn't Been Seen for 400 Years

Zhenya Gershman in her studio


Sometimes we only see what we’ve been told to see. What if there is something entirely different to see?

During 7th grade, Natalie and I enrolled in a magnificent class on the artist Rembrandt with Zhenya Gershman, an artist-educator who was teaching at the Getty Center at […]

Atlas: Our Virtual World Cruise

This post is for Zora, who is on her own home-school adventure during middle school. She learned about our website and wrote to me to tell me that she loved the idea of going on a virtual world cruise and was going to do the same thing. Tonight I received an email from her […]