Dutch Baby

Natalie: Have you ever had a Dutch Baby?

Pamela: Is it one of those pancakes that puffs up really tall for a second?

Natalie: Yes! I found a recipe I want to try. May I make one for our Sunday tea?

Pamela: Of course!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Natalie (looking up from cookbook): The cookbook […]

My Tapestry of Words

“Use your words.”

Thoughts struggle for translation, hover just out of reach, waiting, waiting for realization—a musical note balanced on the horizon, ready to take flight.

The gentle nudge, a summer’s breeze.

“Use your words.”

Growing and shifting, they may have stumbled, leaves tumbling from trees, but the words came. They always did, each […]

A Treasure Hunt

I went on a delightful Easter treasure hunt this morning. A string of clues on green index cards led me from the house, to the schoolhouse, to the garden, each clue leading me to another one, until finally…I arrived at the ultimate surprise!

Underneath my dad’s birthday card hand-drawn by Andy McEwan (a […]

Love is Being Read to…


I remember kneeling before my shelf at age four, running my hand across the spines of my picture books, letting my fingers rise and fall as they travelled from story to story like boats upon the surf. With five of my favorites cradled in my arms, I scampered down the hallway to find my […]

Holiday Chemistry

I love chemistry! Ever since sixth grade, I’ve been fascinated by the patterns and intricacies of the microscopic world. This year in AP Chemistry, I’ve been able to delve further into the many wonders of the periodic table. Here are two holiday chemistry experiments I have conducted over the past couple of weeks: one […]

I Believe in Curiosity

This is my essay titled “The Gift of Curiosity” that was published on the website for “This I Believe: A Public Dialogue About Belief — One Essay At a Time.” Go to http://thisibelieve.org/essay/134229/ to see my essay and read others.

I believe in curiosity. When I was twelve, my parents and I travelled to Avebury, […]

Inspired by Words and Notes

A lovely essay titled “Piano Lessons” appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Mother’s Day.

I was fascinated by the way in which Professor Greene’s essay intertwined music and the beauty of words, revealing the similarities between playing the piano and writing, two of my passions. Music and literature share rhythm, composition, and story, so […]

Laugh About Math

This is a picture of me in sixth grade. I’d been sitting at the kitchen table puzzling over the pre-algebra problems in my textbook, which was very good at asking ridiculous (but supposedly relevant) questions, but wasn’t ever able to answer my question “WHY?”

WHY is a negative times a negative a positive?

WHY […]

Dear Teachers,

Note from Pamela:

I recently found these messages Natalie wrote to her teachers at the end of sixth grade, when she was leaving the elementary school where she had been a student since kindergarten. She composed the notes in her computer and then she selected cards to handwrite her message to each teacher. I’m so […]

Natalie's Immune System Comic Strip

Understanding your complex immune system in seven simple comic strip panels (inspired by the world of “Harry Potter”)